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Roald Goethe, co-founder of Gulf Racing began this collection back in 2008 when he acquired an ex-works Gulf Ford GT40. From there he developed his collection, now known as the ROFGO collection, which comprises 30+ stunning cars, all in variations of the iconic Gulf colours.

Few team liveries throughout history have epitomised greater world class endurance racing success than Gulf Racing's combination of blue and orange. During the height of the Gulf-JW Automotive team's success at the World Sportscar Championship - 1968-69 - Roald became a lifelong fan and this collection has been put together to protect its special heritage.

Parts of the collection can be seen occasionally displayed at some of the premier motoring and motorsport events during the year, but rarely is it accessable fully to the public, simply due to the scale, however it is something that we would like to share with the fans who make the brand special.

Members of theĀ Gulf Racing Drivers Club are uniquely privileged to have access to this exclusive collection of imagery, with descriptions of these amazing cars and details of where they fit in the story of Gulf Racing.

The most iconic examples can be found through the link below, further cars will be added as we build the entire collection here for our Gulf Racing Drivers Club members' pleasure...