Thomas Starey

I started in motorsport age 21 working at Prodrive on the subaru world rally team for nearly 10 years, I got in to it by literally sending letters to Prodrive begging for work experience and eventually it worked. since leaving I have mostly worked for myself at Starey solutions Ltd contracting to different race and rally teams, form doing the WEC with Gulf racing, British GT with Balfe motorsport to the Safari rally in Kenya with Tuthill Porsche and much more.

I am the Truckee at Gulf racing and responsible for the safe transportation of the race cars to and from events across the UK and Europe, and the freight in the containers on the long haul events. 

On event I am the tyre technician, I am responsible for prepping the tyres before they are put on the race car which is a lengthy and time consuming job from collecting from Michelin, pressuring, cleaning, scanning, taping, marking, heating, and working in conjunction with our race engineer and Michelin technician ensuring everything is correct before monitoring the tyre pressures during the sessions.

My hobbies are mainly mountain biking, I have competed in two 24 hour solo MTB races. I also love spending as much time as I can with my young family in between all the racing and doing normal day to day things with them and been outdoors in the peaks.