Willy Billy

Willy Billy is of French nationality and a graduate of technical school in 1996 with a turning and milling speciality.

He started racing in 1996 in the formula 3000 team Apomatox and became a member of Prost junior team for 6 years.

He is a truck driver and after the business closure of Prost grand prix in 2001 he went to Belgium to work with team KTR on formula Nissan.

After his experience in Belgium he went back to France to work for a  GT Championship with Force One racing and Chrysler Viper on the mechanics.

He had the opportunity to make his childhood dreams come true in 2005 with Nissan to participate in the Dakar Rally raid. Afterwards he went to the USA for Formula Atlantic in 2007.

Also in 2007 he worked as a ‘truckie’ for Art Grand Prix in the GP2 series for the season.

When he left Art Grand Prix he had the opportunity to work for Michelin on different national and international  championships as a tyre man for the company APR.

He then restarted his education as a student for 1 year of aeronautical boilermaking and then returned to Motorsport with SMP for the Blancpain Championship and the 24 Hour of Le Mans. He did this for 2 years as there truck driver.

When the Nissan LMP1 program started in 2015 he worked with the race team for what he thought would be the whole season however the programme stopped after Le Mans.

He then worked on a track day programme for a private owner for 3 years before starting with Gulf Racing in 2018.

He lives in a small town in the countryside around  on 180 km in south of Paris and enjoys music, watching movies & riding his motorbike.